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Fracking for  Methane Gas and Oil, Mountain Top Removal for Coal,  Strip Mining for Uranium and The Nuclear Industry, and the entire Fossil Fuel Paradigm  represent  just some of the areas of our lives, that we as humans have been FRACTURED away from our relationships, with each other, with our communities, and with our Mother Earth. We seek to HEAL those fractures, and create a world filled with healthy sustainable communities.

FRACK FREE NATION is FREE to JOIN, for all who know that the poisoning of our planet, our air, water, farms, children, grandchildren, and future generations, is CRIMINAL, and are committed to supporting ALL peaceful direct action efforts, whether political or spiritual, to make a paradigm shift – A JUST TRANSITION to Community Owned clean renewable emission and waste free energy,  and a Climate of Community Trust and Sustainability, and Energize Democracy to these ends…. Not In My Backyard… Not IN ANYONE’S

I Agree, “It’s A CRIME to POISON US”.  I will stay involved and active. SIGN ME UP!!!


  1. Marty rajandran

    Please advise if any buses are being arranged fronM nyc

    1. Abram Loeb

      At this point, the answer is no.. but there should be car pools…we will email you.

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