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Jun 09

Vigil for A Clean and Safe Energy Future – NYS Capitol Bldg – Albany, NY 6/15/15

Please join us in Albany, NY at the close of the legislative session for a Peaceful Vigil for A Clean and Safe Energy Future

Monday 6/15/15 Noon to 6:00 PM

WHY – To call on Governor Cuomo and the NYS Legislature to take real Climate Action now, Shut Down Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power and produce an Energy Plan that gives us 100% Clean Renewable Community Owned Power.

Stop Bakken Oil Bomb Trains, Stop Proposed Fracked Gas Pipelines, Stop Proposed LNG Storage and Export Facilities and Shut Down Indian Point while we phase out fossil fuels and nuclear power and shift to 100% clean renewable energy.

Stop The Constitution Pipeline, Stop The Dominion New Market, Stop The NorthEast Energy Direct(NED), Stop The Pilgrim Pipeline, Stop Spectra/Algonquin Pipeline Extension, Stop Port Ambrose LNG Export, Stop Seneca Lake LNG & LPG Storage. Shut Down the MiniSink Compressor Station. Stop All New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure.

WHERE: On the steps of the State Street entrance to the New York State Capitol Building – Albany, NY

WHO: Concerned citizens



Come to the vigil
Bring your voice, a sign, a piece of poetry, speech, art, theater, or music, and your heart and good mind!
Call your State Legislators and Governor Cuomo
Send a letter to an Editor
Tell your family, friends and co-workers
Share on social media


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CONTACT: If you have questions, you can contact:

Chris – chysalis12481@gmail.com
Bram – abram@frackfreenation.org 607 345-4865
Gabrielle – youareom@gmail.com  203-391-8952


While we are grateful that Governor Cuomo has guided New York to be a place where the health of all families is given priority and science guides policy on fracking, we remain deeply concerned about our communities’ exposure to crude oil and fracked natural gas infrastructure.

Pipelines are prone to spills and explosions. Many existing pipelines are aging and in decay making them more vulnerable. Currently, there are at least four major pipeline projects being proposed for our state, and others pending construction. We still have a chance to stop these projects: the Constitution, Dominion New Market, Northeast Energy Direct, the Pilgrim, and the Algonquin Pipeline Extension Project.

These pipelines would lock us into a fossil fuel economy falsely purported for our energy use, when in reality the plan is to connect them to Export LNG Terminals throughout our nation. One such terminal proposed for Long Beach, New York is Port Ambrose.

Pipelines require compressor stations that not only pollute the air, but are also linked to severe health impacts for those exposed, and whose noise reduces the quality of life for the communities where they’re placed. In addition to severe health impacts, these pipelines promise erosion of our places of natural beauty, and will impact tourism, commuting and quality of life.

Explosive fracked crude oil from the Bakken Shale in North Dakota is shipped by rail all over the country and throughout New York. Derailments result in devastating explosions, and have earned the nickname “bomb trains” by rail workers. Six million gallons of this hazardous material travels by river barge and rail down the Hudson River daily placing one of our greatest natural resources at risk. Climate disruption adds to the argument against further development of fossil fuel infrastructure.

For all these reasons, we’re alerting the public where we feel our mainstream media has failed, and creating an opportunity to urge our Public Officials to continue their efforts to protect the public health and take a stand for the future of all New Yorkers.

NY State needs a renewable future. We want to build and call that future NOW.

We seek massive investment and development of solar, wind and renewable energy with sustainable outcomes. Setting piecemeal benchmarks is entirely insufficient to meet the development, jobs and climate crisis we face.

We need a real Climate Action Plan in NY that addresses our part in the global climate justice issue.

We need an Energy Plan that addresses Climate by shutting down fossil fuel and nuclear power and shifting us to 100% clean renewable community owned power.

We need to shut down Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant.

We need a renewable wind farm instead of Port Ambrose LNG Export.

We need a healthy future for today and the next seven generations.

Please join us in Albany at the close of this legislative session for a Peaceful Vigil for A Clean and Safe Energy Future – 6/15/15 Noon to 6:00 PM.

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