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www.ReviveTheDream.Rocks #Earthday2015 #FrackFreeNation #BlackLivesMatter


April 4th, 2012 was the 45th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Beyond Viet Nam speech  and the 44th Anniversary of his assassination.  On the same date,  a group of committed activists and grassroots citizens took this message to Albany. “To HONOR the Water of Life and to move toward a Clean Energy Future NOW,   We have a dream to revive Dr. Rev. MLK jr.’s Dream 44 years later and bring it forth into reality.”  To Read more about our Foundations…Click on Photo.

We planted a seed on 4/4/12, and now three years later.  It’s time to water it and watch it grow. REVIVE THE DREAM and Rebirth Mother Earth.    To Join Us on Earthday 4/22/15 CLICK HERE


#BlackLivesMatter #ShutItDOWN At The State of The State — 1/21/15 www.Solidarity.ROCKS

Cuomo did “Ban” fracking, and this I’m thankful for, but realization, this was only just one battle in the war. Did I fail to celebrate, while we continue being fracked, and injustices are plenty for those whose skin is Red, Brown, or Black? No, I could not celebrate and chose instead to cross the line, saying #‎ShutitDown , Our work’s not done, no, justice is not blind. #‎ICantBreathe from racist cops and from compressor stations, Pipelines, Fracked oil bomb trains, we need a www.FRACKFREENATION.org... so I chose to sit down in the aisle, shut it down and get arrested… just one more day of www.Activism.ROCKS , in this life, forever tested.


Abram Loeb  Afton, NY


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