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Sing for the Silenced

Marc Black - Sing for The Silenced
Join me in the Sing for the Silenced project… be part of the movement!

Sing for the silenced
Sing for the weak
Sing for the silenced
That the silenced might speak
For the downtrodden
Sing for those in chains
Sing for the silenced
That the silenced might be free to sing again

Join the project here: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/marcblack 

Can you imagine somebody ruining your land, bringing disease to your home and then offering you money in exchange for your entire family’s promise to never talk about it?  (and yes, that includes your kids).  Well, that’s what Big Gas is doing..

That’s why I wrote the song, ‘Sing for the Silenced’.  And that’s why we’re dedicated to completing the campaign…

1 – A CD featuring some of Woodstock’s best (like John Sebastian, Happy Traum, Peter Schickele and Warren Bernhardt.)

2 – A bus tour through areas that have been particularly hard hit by fracking.  We will perform music, speechify and feature a puppet show from the top of the bus.

3 -Making tee shirts with original artwork by Woodstock’s own Joan Elliot.

4 – Creating a Youtube channel to host songs that are focused on social and environmental awareness.  The ‘Conscious Artist Network’ is the working title of the channel.

I hope you’ll want to join in this effort and pre-order your copy of the album TODAY through our PledgeMusic campaign.  The best time to do that (or anything for that matter)…. is now!

So hop on:  http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/marcblack

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