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Women Against War

  1. Women Against War


    Women Against War brings together Capital District women to work for peace. We advocate for changed US foreign policies through lobbying, leafleting, vigils, media outreach & educational events.

    Women Against War offers speakers, demonstrations, and exhibits throughout the year.   One of the WAW project groups, Grannies for Peace, holds annual vigils or demonstrations on Valentines Day (“war breaks Grannies hearts”), Mothers Day, and Veterans Day.  The Iran project group advocates for negotiations with Iran by handing out leaflets, and standing with banners and photos of Iranians, at the popular August food festival at the Empire State Plaza in Albany.  These are just examples of WAW’s busy schedule.  Please join us!  See our project pages for information about past and upcoming events.

    In January 2014 we switched over to a new website format based on WordPress.  It’s still a work in progress which means that our recent events from 2013 have not all been added yet.  To find some other recent news you can visit our current Project pages [see right sidebar for individual projects]

    Sending boundless gratitude and appreciation to our former, long-term webmistress,Laura DiBetta, who has developed,improved, and maintained our previous website for several years.  Laura has also co-created, midwifed and birthed our new website while also gestating and giving birth to her first child on Christmas Eve of 2013!

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