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Plan to Save the Planet – 4/22/15 #EarthDay2015

 Plan to Save the Planet was one of the many groups that participated in Energize Democracy Climate Justice Rally on 4/22/15 Earth Day in Albany, NY.   Below is the video of their performance and links to their website to get more involved in the plan.


Click here to read our six-step platform for gaining jobs, energy independence and truly clean, safe energy





here’s a music video about the PLAN

 Bethany & Rufus w/ Brahim Fribgane-

“IF I HAD MY WAY” Bethany & Rufus w/ Brahim Fribgane- “IF I HAD MY WAY”ouble click me.

detailed outline of plan

if you’re not sure this Plan can work, check out these links

click boxes for links!

Opinion polls show there are tens of millions of us who want politicians to

support a transition away from the dangers  of fossil and nuclear fuel

we can use the power of our votes to elect politicians who care about our environment-

if they refuse to help us

they lose our votes


 the planet needs us!

candidates must commit

to green energy transition before they G.E.T. my vote

        your email is safe with us-

     we will not share it with anyone!

 join us 

for the plan

Every single new sign-up

makes the Plan stronger


let’s do this!!




    this plan will turn your vote into a powerful force to stop climate change


Art Works for the Plan!

if you’re inspired- send us your artwork and music and we will display it on the site!

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