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crime 2 whiteFRACK FREE NATION is FREE to JOIN, for all who know that the poisoning of our planet, our air, water, farms, children, grandchildren, and future generations, is CRIMINAL. I agree, “It’s A CRIME to POISON US”.
Three goals we will achieve with your name and contribution.

We call upon our local, state, federal, and world leaders to:

  1. End all new infrastructure for fossil fuels and shut down nuclear power. Promote a massive green jobs program with a  just transition to 100% clean renewable, emission free, community owned power. Hold Big Oil, Gas, and Nuclear Industries accountable for past damages to our communities.

  2. Protect and preserve the sanctity and sovereignty of our natural resources and demand that our leaders defeat all legislation that would privatize our water, land and minerals.

  3. Pass an outright ban on GMO’s and toxic pesticide use, and hold “big agro” accountable for damages inflicted upon our ability to grow natural, organic, chemical free food.

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    • Barbara Williams AKA Costello on October 29, 2016 at 2:50 pm
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    Water is life. Stop fracking the earth that holds fresh water supplies. Causes earthquakes.. Contaminates drinking water.. STOP FRACKING!

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