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Dear Governor Cuomo: #EarthDay2015

crime 2 whiteApril 22, 2015
Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York
The State Capital
Albany, NY 12224

Dear Governor Cuomo,
On Earth Day, April 22, 2015, Frack Free Nation, local elected officials, and individuals from a diverse list of environmental, peace, trade, and social justice organizations representing hundreds of thousands of voters, gathered at our State Capitol Building in Albany to celebrate and heal the “fractures” of our planet.   We are a group of dedicated constituents who are concerned about the damaging effects that the fossil fuel and nuclear power industries have had, and continue to have, in polluting the land, water, and air, destroying our natural resources, and poisoning of the people.  It is a crime to poison us, and when our elected officials allow big oil to continue this attack on us, we consider those people an accessory  to these crimes against humanity and the natural world.


You are required by the EPA to make a decision that will affect NY, the nation, and the planet in the immediate future and for generations to come. The EPA, under it’s Clean Air Plan is urging governors to meet carbon reduction requirements by building methane gas fired electrical generation in place of coal – as many as 300 new gas fired plants are proposed in 45 states.  In doing so, The EPA is ignoring the fact that methane is 300 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon.

We need a complete freeze on fossil fuel infrastructure, and a phase out and shut down of nuclear power and climate cooking biomass and waste incineration. We need to reduce energy demand and transition to 100% clean renewable energy, prioritizing conservation, efficiency, solar, wind and energy storage. To allow another gas fired power plant, pipeline, storage, processing, export facility, or bomb train, is to be complicit in the poisoning of Pennsylvania, Colorado, Ohio, West Virginia, Texas, Arkansas, and North Dakota. We can no longer afford to endanger our own children, communities, water supplies and food sources. Insofar as the production and processing of hydrocarbons contribute to climate change, we can no longer allow this to be our legacy to future generations.

We demand that you put forth a plan that includes only clean, renewable, waste and emission free energy, as per Mark Jacobson’s Solutions Project.  We  demand that this be a plan for Community Owned Power. The Solutions Project states that we can make the transition to green energy in 10-15 years.  We say it can be accomplished in less than 7 years, given currently available technology, coupled with  technology like the hydrogen fuel cell which General Motors has ready to go, but has been suppressed for years now.  We have the technology right now to change our ways and go back to harmony with nature and  ourselves.  As humans it is our responsibility to hold these values to the highest importance as it is to the benefit  of all walks of life and generations to come.

While eliminating many unhealthy jobs in the dirty fossil fuel industry, we call on you to ensure a Just Transition to clean and renewable energy by launching a massive program that brings good paying Green Jobs back to our ailing Southern Tier, Central, and Western NY economies. As well, we call for energy justice, with more programs to help low income New Yorkers in making this transition. We want the power literally back in the hands of our local communities, as in Home Rule, where we have a say where, and what types of infrastructure projects are allowed in our communities.

Specifically, Frack Free Nation demands that you:

1.    Assemble a team of the top scientists and engineers in the nation to   develop an energy plan to put us on the road to 100% clean renewable community owned power as quickly as possible.

2.  A massive green jobs program with “Just Transition” for workers to accomplish these goals and put our              state back to work with good paying sustainable jobs.

3.  Immediately cease construction on all fossil fuel infrastructure projects in NYS, including pipelines, LNG          storage, LNG export facilities, methane gas fired electrical generation facilities, and newly built                            compressor stations like Minisink.

4.  Immediately stop Bakken Oil Bomb Trains from endangering our inner cities and rural communities.

5.  Refuse to allow radioactive drill cuttings and fracking wastes from Pennsylvania into our NY landfills and          sprayed on our roads as brine.

6.  Immediately shut down Indian Point nuclear power plant, and phase out all other nuclear power generation        in NYS.

7.  While phasing out existing fossil fuel infrastructure, nuclear power, and incineration,  direct the DEC to               map, cap, and seal the thousands of ghost wells that are currently leaking methane into our atmosphere.

8.  Hold Big Oil, Gas, and Nuclear Industries, the corporations and their stockholders financially accountable        for all decommissioning, pollution cleanup, and past damages inflicted on the people of NY. 

We also demand a statewide ban on all “big-agro” genetically engineered crops as science shows that  GMO’s and toxic pesticides are a danger to our natural food supply and our environment.  We demand a structure that facilitates, enhances, and promotes a sustainable, organic, pesticide free, chemical free agriculture.  Along with this we also demand a ban on the 1700+ chemicals used in our plastic products and promote a “safer alternatives” program to support “green” businesses that manufacture safe, natural, chemical free and biodegradable products to cut back on waste and pollution.


Lastly we demand that the constitution be upheld to the highest degree in these matters as it is our constitutional right to clean air, water, and food.  We ask that you uphold your oath to defend the constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic.  Protect and preserve the sanctity and sovereignty of our natural resources and demand that our leaders defeat all legislation that would allow privatization of our water, land and minerals.


Once again we remind you that this is an opportunity for the state of New York and its legislature to set a precedent for the rest of the country.  Be that change Governor  Cuomo.  We guarantee you that you will have the  protection and support of the people as long as you show them that you hold their highest interests at heart.  You could go down in the history books as being the first Green governor of New York State, leading the nation and world in the renewable revolution and revitalizing our economy. Your success as a presidential candidate would be virtually assured.

 Frack Free Nation had planned a peaceful direct action at your office on Earth Day, to bring attention to these issues.  Our grassroots members made a decision to postpone the action and give you time to respond to our demands, with the understanding that we will be back in Albany again in the near future.  We are requesting  that you schedule a meeting with leaders of our movement to further discuss these matters and put these demands into meaningful action that will benefit New York State, the nation, and the planet in the immediate future, and for generations to come.  We await your response.  Since these issues are timely, we have set a deadline of June 1, 2015, at which time we will plan Peaceful Direct Action, if a meeting has not been scheduled.

Abram Loeb
Frack Free Nation – Founding Director
571 Saint John Road
Afton, NY  13730
(607) 345-4865
 Organizations & Elected Officials Joining Frack Free Nation in calling for The Shift to Clean Renewable Energy  on Earth Day 2015:

Warriors Everywhere Unite for Mother Earth (W.E.UNITE4M.E.)    –    Tamra Cook

Frack Free New York                                              –   Abram Loeb

Frack Free Genesee

Frack Free Pennsylvania

Frack Free MD

Sharon Springs Against HydroFracking          –    Lisa Zaccaglini

Citizens for Clean Water                                     –   Vera Scroggins
– Susquehanna, PA

Cindy Sheehan’s Soap Box                              –     Cindy Sheehan

Friends for Environmental Justice                   –       Elaine Tanner
– Ohio, Kentucky coal fields

Friends Of Water
– National Grassroots Organization

The Same Boat Radio                                     –       Rachel Marco-Havens

O.W.S. (Occupy Wall Street)

–  Special Projects Affinity Group                  –      Mark Apollo

Warriors Society of New York

American Indian Movement                         –    Margo Thunderbird

North American Climate,Conservation and Environment(NACCE)     – Jerry Rivers

Arkansas Anonymous                              –        Daniel Damascus Kimery

A Call To Actions                                      –         Bobby Lee Vaughn  Jr.                   –

O.W.S. Peoples’ Kitchen

Deep Green Resistance NorthEast

Idle No More NY

Black And Indian Alliance

Lehigh Valley Gas Truth 

Safe Water Society                             –        Julie Ann Edgar

Beyond Nucear

NYCActivism.org / Occupy Wall Street – Union Square

Move to Amend  CNY                         –      Michael Messina-Yauchzy

Popular Resistance                           –      Margaret Flowers

Plan to Save the Planet                     –      Glenn Sanders

Creative Co-op Rosendale              –      Staci Lipari

Women Against War                          –      Maud Easter

United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) . –  Joe Lombardo

Global Justice For Animals & The Environment     –    Adam Weissman

Trade Justice Metro of NY

Enviro Radio Show                                                    –   Don   Ogden

Western Broome Environmental Stakeholder Coalition       —  James Little

Protecting Our Waters                                                   –       Iris  Marie Bloom

GMO Free CNY                                                               –        Prisca Foures

Fossil Free & Green NY                                                –         Stacey Smith

MoveOn.org New York Councils                                    –         Susan Weber

PAUSE(People of Albany United for Safe Energy)          –      Sandy Steubing

Occupy Albany 

Solidarity Committee of the Capital District                    –     John Funiciello, Chairman
No Frack Almanac                                                         –    Jeremy Alderson
        – GREAT LAW LONGHOUSE –    Akwesasne Haudenosaune Nation
Beyond Extreme Energy                                              – Jimmy Betts
Solarize Albany                                                            –  Willian Reinhardt
Solarize Troy
SkyderALERT                                                            –   George Barnes
UAW Local 1097 (Rochester)                                –    Dan Maloney – President
Capital Region 350 Climate Action                      –    Mark Schaefer
Citizens Environmental Coalition                         –    Tom Ellis
Green Education and Legal Fund (GELF)
Darryl Cherney 2016 Green Party Presidential Exploratory Committee   –  Darryl Cherney
Duchess County Legislator                                  –     Joel Tyner
Albany County Legislator                                     –    Doug Bullock
Albany City Council  Member                              –     Leah Golby
Bethlehem Town Council                                    –     William Reinhardt
Albany County Comptroller                                 –      Mike Connors

FRACK FREE NATION is FREE to JOIN, for all who know that the poisoning of our planet, our air, water, farms, children, grandchildren, and future generations, is CRIMINAL. I agree, “It’s A CRIME to POISON US”.
Three goals we will achieve with your name and contribution.

We call upon our local, state, federal, and world leaders to:

  1. End all new infrastructure for fossil fuels and shut down nuclear power. Promote a massive green jobs program with a  just transition to 100% clean renewable, emission free, community owned power. Hold Big Oil, Gas, and Nuclear Industries accountable for past damages to our communities.
  2. Protect and preserve the sanctity and sovereignty of our natural resources and demand that our leaders defeat all legislation that would privatize our water, land and minerals.
  3. Pass an outright ban on GMO’s and toxic pesticide use, and hold “big agro” accountable for damages inflicted upon our ability to grow natural, organic, chemical free food.



Frack Free Nation, Inc. is a non-profit organization formed to educate about the impact of the petrochemical and nuclear industries on a broad range of environmental, peace and social justice issues. Frack Free Nation seeks to mobilize the public to participate in the democratic process regarding these matters for the next seven generations.

Coverage of past action by Frack Free Nation

Frack Free Nation Facebook Page

Frack Free Nation Facebook Group


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