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PR For Earth Day – published 4/17/15

Frack Free Nation, Inc.Media AdvisoryFor Immediate Release  4/17/15

Energize Democracy Climate Justice Rally & Action  Earth Day 2015 


4/22/15 Press Conference 10:30 AM  RALLY  11 a.m. –  9 p.m. DIE IN ACTION 3pm

West Capitol Lawn – The Capitol, Albany, NY

Contact: Abram Loeb (607) 693-1150 home (607) 345-4865 cell

Email:   Abram@FrackFreeNation.org


On Earth Day 2015, Wednesday, April 22nd, Frack Free Nation, partnering with The Earth Day Network will host  The Energize Democracy Climate Justice Rally and Action. at West Capitol Park, Albany, NY(PERMIT APPLIED FOR).  This action is endorsed by over two dozen local, statewide,and national grassroots organizations from many current environmental, peace, and social justice movements representing tens of thousands of people from across the nation.  Local Capital District co-sponsors include

Solidarity Committee of the Capital District ,  PAUSE(People of Albany United for Safe Energy),  Women Against War MoveOn.org New York Councils, and Occupy Albany.


Frack Free Nation is inviting the public to come out and celebrate Mother Earth by Standing Up for Mother Earth.  The day will be family friendly, and filled with science, innovation, education, as well as activists and “solutionist” voices. Along with education, there will be many genres of socially conscious music, guerrila theater, and meaningful actions. The rally will be part of  Earth Day Network’s Billion Acts of Green program and will also be a part of a Global Conversation on Sustainability involving elected officials and civic  leaders who will be present.  Leah Golby a member of Albany Common Council (city council), Doug Bullock, a member of Albany County Legislature, and Duchess County Legislator Joel Tyner are confirmed participants.


It is unclear whether NYS has an actual “ban” on fracking in place after the governor’s announcement in December 2014. If there is a ban, it only appear to apply to wells using 300,000 gallons or more of frack fluid.   DEC Commissioner Joe Martens reportedly said the Cuomo administration’s prohibition decision could be “revisited at any time (emphasis added) when new or significant information comes to light.”

The Commissioner also said “I don’t think it’s going to be revisited in the near term…,” but his assurances are meaningless because events could change in the blink of an eye.  The SGEIS is being finalized in secret, and upon it’s release, the public will have only 10 days to comment.


NYS is still being fracked by Fossil Fuel infrastructure.  Frack Free Nation is calling out across the nation and is gathering support from across the northeast and midwest.  We expect thousands who are working to stop pipelines, LNG export, storage of radioactive fracked methane gas, gas fire electrical power generation, as well as those working to stop bakken oil bomb trains to unite with many other voices in calling for an end to the fossil fuel and nuclear energy paradigm. Earth Day 2015 will be a Day of Global Action to send a powerful message to the Nation and all our World Leaders:


“It’s a Crime to Poison Us: End all Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Energy– Renewables Now!”


Under the EPA’s Clean Air Plan, Governor Andrew Cuomo and all The Nation’s governors each have a decision to make this year that will affect our air, water, farms, foodshed and a sustainable climate for generations to come.  The EPA suggests Governors meet its carbon limits by building 300 new Gas Fired Electrical Generation facilities which ignore Methane release. The fact that methane is 300 times more potent as a greenhouse gas, proves that this is an irresponsible decision and would lock the nation into 30 years of Fracking.  Frack Free Nation proposes a massive green jobs program with just transition to incorporate 100% renewable, clean emission free community owned power as per Mark Jacobson’s Solutions Project. The Technology is available.  “We just need a political climate change,” said Abram Loeb.


Governor Cuomo could bring good paying green jobs back to our ailing Southern Tier, Central, and Western NY economies, and could lead the nation in the renewable revolution by setting an example for the rest of our elected officials to follow. This could also have a great impact on the Paris Climate talks coming in November, 2015.


Frack Free Nation is also calling for a BAN on GMO’s and Toxic Pesticides and working against any privatization of our water resources as had been recently proposed in Woodstock, NY with Niagara Bottling Co. and as NJ Governor Christie just did.


Peaceful Direct Action (civil disobedience) is planned away from the peaceful (and legal), but powerful rally in West Capitol Park as part of a strategy to let our Governor know we are serious about blocking pipelines, bomb trains and other fossil fuel infrastructure.


The Haudenosaunee(Six Nations) and other Indigenous peoples will be an important part of the celebration and actions. Native  women will speak on Environmental Racism and the need for healing between the races and our relationship to Mother Earth.  An Idle No More Round Dance is planned as part of the actions of unity.


“On Earth Day we will encompass many related issues affecting the sustainability of a healthy earth community. We will have speakers to expose many related issues, including-War & Peace, Environmental Racism, Native and Women’s rights, GMO’s, factory farming and pesticide use, aerosol spraying and Geo engineering, and the very root – A Corporate take over of our government – money in politics, and Secret Trade deals like TPP, TiPP, and TiSA, that threaten to take away all our sovereignty and destroy ability for public dissent.  These trade bills even allow for privatization of our WATER.   Protecting our water is essential for all life,” Said Frack Free Nation Founder, Abram Loeb.


“We encourage you to be a part of creating the day’s activities.  You may decide on your level of participation including your own individual involvement or group action during the rally.  Grassroots organizations and green businesses are encouraged to table information.  The public can come celebrate Earth Day 2015, and call for a shift away from corporate intrusion, and towards energizing our democracy with community owned power, and a healthier future for all living beings, ” said, Abram Loeb


Bring The Children – Take them out of school for one educational beautiful spring day, and witness history in the making, at what is envisioned to be the largest CLIMATE JUSTICE RALLY ever to hit ALBANY, NY


More Info TBA

For more information about our message, please visit our website www.FrackFreeNation.org.  There, you have an opportunity to take the “frack free pledge” as well as to sign on as an individual or organization for Earth Day 2015.

Preview YouTube video Earth Day 2015 Call to Action – Energize Democracy Climate Justice Rally Albany, NY

Earth Day 2015 Call to Action – Energize Democracy Climate Justice Rally Albany, NY


Frack Free Nation, Inc.  is Partnering with The Earth Day Network

Organizational  SIGN-ONS

Warriors Everywhere Unite for Mother Earth (W.E.UNITE4M.E.)    –    Tamra Cook

Frack Free New York                                              –   Abram Loeb

Frack Free Genesee

Frack Free MD

Sharon Springs Against HydroFracking          –    Lisa Zaccaglini

Citizens for Clean Water – Vera Scroggins
– Susquehanna, PA

Cindy Sheehan’s Soap Box                              –     Cindy Sheehan

Friends for Environmental Justice                   –       Elaine Tanner
– Ohio, Kentucky coal fields

Friends Of Water
– National Grassroots Organization

The Same Boat Radio                                     –       Rachel Marco-Havens

O.W.S. (Occupy Wall Street)

–  Special Projects Affinity Group                  –      Mark Apollo

Warriors Society of New York

North American Climate,Conservation and Environment(NACCE)     – Jerry Rivers

Arkansas Anonymous                              –        Daniel Damascus Kimery

A Call To Actions                                      –         Bobby Lee Vaughn  Jr.                   –

O.W.S. Peoples’ Kitchen

Deep Green Resistance NorthEast

Idle No More NY

Black And Indian Alliance

Lehigh Valley Gas Truth

Safe Water Society                             –        Julie Ann Edgar

Beyond Nucear

NYCActivism.org / Occupy Wall Street – Union Square

Move to Amend                                         Michael Messina-Yauchzy

Popular Resistance                           –      Margaret Flowers

Plan to Save the Planet                     –      Lisa Zaccaglini

Creative Co-op Rosendale              –      Staci Lipari

Women Against War                          –      Maud Easter

Global Justice For Animals & The Environment     –    Adam Weissman

Trade Justice Metro of NY

Enviro Radio Show                                                    –   Don   Ogden

Western Broome Environmental Stakeholder Coalition       —  James Little

Protecting Our Waters                                                   –       Iris  Marie Bloom

GMO Free CNY                                                               –        Prisca Foures

Fossil Free & Green NY                                                –         Stacey Smith

MoveOn.org New York Councils                                    –         Susan Weber

PAUSE(People of Albany United for Safe Energy)          –      Sandy Steubing

Occupy Albany 

Solidarity Committee of the Capital District                    –     John Funiciello, Chairman

No Frack Almanac                                                         –    Jeremy Alderson


– GREAT LAW LONGHOUSE –    Akwesasne Haudenosaune Nation

Beyond Extreme Energy                                              – Jimmy Betts


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