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www.DieInWithTheStars.TV – Celebrity Challenge

EarthWarriorsDIEINWITHTHESTARS take714/27/15 – UPDATE:on Earth Day 2015,  Frack Free Nation made a grassroots decision to postpone our planned DIE IN With The Stars NVDA action and give Governor Cuomo time to respond to our letter, Dear Governor Cuomo,  demanding a shift in energy policy.  In our letter we gave him until June 1st to respond.  That gives us just over one month to prepare.

We must stand ready to return to Albany, NY prepared to lay it on the line to protect our mother earth and the next seven generations to come.   In light of the current information, that the supposed “Ban” on fracking may be nothing more than an extended moratorium while pipelines, storage, and export facilities continue to be built,  we must be prepared to use civil disobedience as a tactic that drives our point home and gets much needed media attention to the issue.  Any day now the SGEIS on fracking could be finalized.  Are you ready?  Contact abram@frackfreenation.org to set up an NVDA training session or to be included in the planning of this action.


www.DieInWithTheStars.TV – Peaceful Direct Action – Ready & on ALERT!!!

1. While NYS Governor Cuomo announced a “ban” on fracking for NY, There is evidence that release of a final SGEIS may have short comings that would allow future fracking to occur. After the years of work we have done to put a stop to fracking, there is one tactic that gets media attention and has an effect on govt. officials.


  1. The announcement of a “ban” on fracking only served to put the public to sleep on the matter, while all the infrastructure build out continues – Pipelines, LNG storage, export facilities, and methane gas fired generators. The economics of fracking shows us, once this build out is completed, fracking will proceed.

  2. We must be ready, trained in NVDA, and have numbers of people ready to converge on the Capitol should the announcement be made that fracking will proceed.


  1. Tackling the whole enchilada at once makes more sense than organizing around ONE pipeline, separately from those working to stop bomb trains, export, storage, nuclear power, and GMO’s and toxic pesticides for that matter.

  2. Governor Cuomo is required to release an energy plan this year under the EPA’s clean air plan. The wrong decision will promote fracking for the next 30 yrs. On EarthDay2015, Frack Free Nation sent a letter to governor Cuomo in which we made our demands for a plan to shift to 100% clean renewable energy, while shutting down all fossil fuel, nuclear power, and incineration, and bomb trains. In the letter we requested a meeting between Governor Cuomo and leaders of our grassroots movement. We gave a deadline of 6/1/15 for a response.

DEAR GOVERNOR CUOMO —http://www.frackfreenation.org/press/dear-governor-cuomo/

If he does not respond, we need to be ready to act en masse with PEACEFUL DIRECT ACTION. at The Capitol.

If a decision is made to allow fracking we must be prepared to act as well.

Training is needed to ensure a peaceful action.

Media is needed to record the event and protect the participants.

Legal Observers are needed to ensure we are protected.

To get involved, please contact abram@frackfreenation.org and CC abramloeb@gmail.com or call 607 345-4865

If you have not had NVDA training, you will need to be trained by an experienced person.

DieINChallenge (1)

On 4/22/15 Earth Day 2015, Frack Free Nation will Lead a Peaceful Direct Action away from the LEGAL and Peaceful Family Friendly rally.   This is a Theatrical Action for many to participate in… only arrestable if the individual chooses.  We Hope ALL will participate at some level.  Whether as media, legal observer, or portraying the effects of corporatocracy and the poisoning of our lives by “Dying IN” in front of Governor Cuomo’s office.    



A well coordinated action involves communication with State Police, and a promise of warning given so that participants can “rise from the dead” should they so choose, and stay free of arrest.  This process has already begun, with a phone conversation today between Abram Loeb of Frack Free Nation and Desk Sergeant Hollands of the NYS Police in Albany, NY.

An arrestable action would include a ticket for Violation, a release after 2 or 3 hours, and a trip back to Albany, NY for court.  This charge has historically been dismissed with no fine by Albany City Court, conditional upon 6 months of good behavior.


  1. lori

    I think you may want to rearrange the wording a bit. “Stop pipelines–bomb trains” might raise some eyebrows, at the very least.

    1. Abram Loeb

      Agreed & Changed to Stop Pipelines & Bomb Trains.. the “Stop” referring to all 4 (Fracking & Nuclear Power). While inspired by Edward Abbey’s Monkey Wrench Gang, Frack Free Nation only advocates non-violent – PEACEFUL Direct Action.

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