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RALLY to Shine a Light on Corruption of Our Democracy – 4/2/15

Rally to Shine a Light on Corruption of our Democracy

Lets Shine A Light on Corruption!

Elections not Auctions

President Obama is currently contemplating issuing an Executive Order requiring disclosure of campaign contributions for federal contractors.

This would be a very exciting victory for our movement to shine the light on corporations that are attempting to buy our elections. It is very likely that significant grassroots pressure will make the difference.

Join us as we encourage President Obama to shine the light on corporate corruption of our democracy as part of nationwide rallies on April 2 – the year anniversary of the McCutcheon U.S. Supreme Court ruling that further put our democracy up for sale.

Organized by Big Apple Coffee Party, Common Cause, O.W.S. Special Projects Affinity Group and Public Citizen as part of a national effort of Money Out / Voters In.


Time: 5pm, Location: 26 Federal Plaza (Broadway just below Worth) at Outside The “GSA Strategic Sourcing Offices”



Here is a list of organizations that signed the letter of support and can be considered part of the overall effort: http://www.citizen.org/…/2015-sign-on-letter-for-govt-contr…


(Still adding names to the list)

Big Apple Coffee Party
Common Cause
OWS Special Projects Affinity Group
Public Citizen
Money Out Voters In
Code Pink
Frack Free New York
Frack Free Nation
Trade Justice Metro NY

Citizen Action of New York – New York City Chapter



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