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UNAC – United National Antiwar Coalition Conference – 5/8 – 5/10/15

UNAC Conference 2015

The United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)
invites you to

A National Antiwar & Social Justice Conference to

Stop the Wars at Home & Abroad!

  • Bring All U.S. Troops Home Now!
  • Self-Determination for All Oppressed Peoples!
  • Stop Police Abuse at Home!
  • End All U.S. Support for Israel!
  • Stop Pentagon Climate Pollution!
  • Good Jobs, Quality Education, Affordable Health Care!
  • Civil & Democratic Rights for All!

Friday, May 8 – Sunday, May 10, 2015

Empire Meadows (Clarion) Hotel
Secaucus, New Jersey
(30 minutes from New York City)

The world is being ravaged by endless U.S. wars, both open and secret; life-threatening global warming and environmental destruction; devastating poverty and disease. Here at home we face unprecedented attacks on labor, immigrants, the poor and oppressed; a massive and racist prison-industrial complex; the increasing militarization of the police and an epidemic of police abuse as in Ferguson, Mo.; widespread domestic spying and an expanding “national security state”; trillions of dollars spent on the military to police the world and bail out the corporate 1 percent while we face severe attacks on the basic necessities of life.

It’s time for a
Massive, United and Independent response!

United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)
For details OR if your organization is interested in joiningUNAC and having a member join theUNAC Coordinating Committee contact us at:Phone: 518-227-6947
SnailMail: UNAC, PO Box 123,  Delmar, NY 12054
Email: UNACpeace@gmail.com
On Twitter Follow  #NoNewWars  #EndWarAtHomeAndAbroad

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