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Global Justice For Animals & The Environment

Human Rights, Environmental, Trade Justice, Peruvian Community Activists Protest Killing of Environmentalists in Peru at NY Peruvian Consulate on International Human Rights Day
New Report from IATP Exposes How Big Meat Stands to Gain from TPP
Defend Our Water and Our Climate: NO FRACKING TTIP!
Slide Presentation: Farmed Animal Welfare Standards & TTIP: Compassion and Safety Are Not Trade Irritants!
GJAE, TradeJustice, Peruvian Community Activists Tell President Humala: Don’t Sell Out Peru to Corporate Greed!
Palm Oil, TPP, and the Fate of Malaysia’s Rainforests and Wildlife
TPP: Stealth Attack on Climate Justice!
Free Trade and the Globalization of Industrial Animal Agriculture
Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: Free Trade or Caged Animals?
ACTION ALERT: Stop the National Pork Producers Council from Using the US-EU Free Trade Agreement to Attack Animal Welfare Standards
Stop TPP from Expanding Hydrofracking!
TPP: The Global Monsanto Protection Act!
TPP: Endangering Rainforests and Wildlife, Promoting Industrial Agriculture
Pocohotas Actress Q’orianka Kilcher Delivers 360,000 Petitions vs. TPP at 14th Round of TPP Negotiations in Lansdowne, VA
Sept 6-15: Protest TPP Negotiation in Leesburg, VA- Stop the Corporate Free Trade Coup!!
Sept 6-15: Protest TPP Negotiation in Leesburg, VA- Stop the Corporate Free Trade Coup!!
Thurs, 3/29: Protest Queens, NY Rep. Crowley for Voting for Anti-Animal, Anti-Environmental Trade Agreements!
Trade Vote Postponed to September: Volunteers and Donations Needed for August Activism!
Stop Congress from Passing 3 Anti-Animal Free Trade Agreements This Month!
URGENT: Volunteers and Donations Needed to Help Enter and Fax Thousands of Postcards Before Congress Votes on Colombia, Panama, and South Korea Free Trade Agreements!
Presentation:Free Trade Agreements, Animals Rights, and the Environment
Donate to help GJAE stop the South Korea, Colombia, and Panama Free Trade Agreements!
Video: GJAE:
An Introduction
GJAE’s Adam Weissman explains GJAE’s principles and opposition to free trade agreements to a college class on animal rights issues.
Investor Wrongs: How Corporate Polluters Use State-Investor Provisions of Free Trade Agreements to Undermine Environmental Laws Photo: Greenpeace members handcuffed together and sitting on steel drums similar to toxic waste drums outside of the Mexican Office of Environmental Protection, calling attention to the toxic waste disposal facility at Guadalcazar, San Luis Potosi, owned by the U.S. company Metalclad Corporation, Mexico City, Mexico, July 19, 1995.
GJAE Protests Presidents of Peru, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Chile for Free Trade and Toxic Resource Extraction
GJAE & Allies Protest Pacific Rim’s CAFTA Case Demanding the “Right” to Poison El Salvador’s Drinking Water with Toxic Gold Mining
As Notorious Polluter Dow Chemical Uses NAFTA to Undermine Toxic Chemical Ban, GJAE and Allies Disrupt Dow Greenwash Event
Last Chance to Make a Tax-Deductible Donation to GJAE in 2009: Protect Dolphins and Seals from the WTO!
FUR FREE FRIDAY: GJAE Takes Action FOR Seals to Kick off WTO Turnaround Week of Action!
GJAE Exposes Link Between Swine Flu, NAFTA, and Factory Farming on Trade Justice Day of Action
CLIMATE ALERT: Tell President Obama and Congress to Stop Bush’s NAFTA Expansion: Free Trade = Global Warming
Trading Away
Dolphin’s Lives!
NAFTA MAKES US SICK! October 12, 2009 Day of Action Against Swine Flu, Factory Farming, and NAFTA
GJAE’s Suggestions for Reform of the US Trade Representative’s Advisory Committees
The Outbreak of ‘Swine Flu’ virus, H1N1, Spreads Globally, Sparks Renewed Criticism of Free Trade
The Minga Lives ! ! ! Mass Gathering of Indigenous Groups March from Cauco to Bogota Demanding Rights for Colombia’s Ancestral Peoples and Land
Tragically, We Were Right: Peruvians Go on Strike as Prez Garcia Abuses FTA Implementation Powers to Facilitate Amazon Destruction by Oil and Mining Interests
Peruvian Farmers Jailed and killed protesting impact on Peru’s family farmers of invasion of Peruvian market by duty-free US agribusiness commodities.
Support the Fair Trade for All Act to Repeal the Peru Free Trade Agreement!
Peru Free Trade Agreement passes the US Senate: tell your Senators What you think of their votes!
Panama Free Trade Agreement: Endangering Animals and Habitat for Corporate Profit
Climate Alert: Bush’s NAFTA Expansion Is Contributing to Global Warming!
The US-Peru Free Trade Agreement: Protecting Corporate Investors’ “Right” To Exploit Animals & The Environment (UPDATED)
Hold Congressmembers Accountable for the Oman Free Trade Agreement!
Global Justice for Animals and the Environment is


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